Cloud Appreciation Pack

A Survival Kit for the Imagination

This module of six downloadable lesson plans and resources is aimed at educators who want to teach students about the sky. The content is designed to work both for Primary (5-10 years) and Secondary (11-17 years) age groups. We have consciously incorporated mindfulness aspects to these lessons alongside the STEAM content. The sky and the clouds are a good subject with which to explore emotional wellbeing and we encourage educators to try to incorporate the mindfulness aspects even though they're unlikely to be part of the required curriculum. As well as downloading the PDFs of lesson plans and additional sheets, educators can order a supporting postal pack, which we will send out for free worldwide while allocated funds last.

We are very grateful to all the members who contributed reference images and who have helped create and test this Cloud Appreciation Pack for schools and homeschools.

Wendy DeGraffenried (Member 4,275), BSN, RN, NCSC, HN-BC, and Jonna Naylor (Member 35,499), BPA.

Cloud Appreciation Postal Pack

We can mail you a postal pack to support these downloadable lessons and resources. It contains a Cloudspotting Chart poster, Cloud Selector identification wheel and sticker sheets.

Laura Armstrong (Member 24,946), Sara Bailey (Member 50,249), Joanne Case (Member 49,917), Deborah Cooper (Member 8,898), John Cox BS, Jennifer DeGraffenried Lyons LMT, Shivanthi Kandiah-Evans (Member 38,273), Dee Heckman (Member 54,086), Sabiya Khatun (Member 24,906), Alice Luikinga (Member 18,295), Marie Lusinchi (Member 45,234), Danica MacNeil, Wayde Margetts (Member 37,625), June Murphy (Member 11,409), Carol Palmer (Member 22,710), Stefania Scarsini, Keith Simes (Member 39,761), JoElle Tidwell (Member 33,313), Anita Tyler (Member 51,843), Tina Wake MEd, Louise Watts (Member 383), Martin Webster (Member 10,846), Jeffrey Yuhas (Member 21,262), Chenelle Zorb.

Lesson 1.1: Look Up & See!

Most people miss the amazing displays of nature present in the sky. Let’s change that!

Lesson 1.2: The Ten Main Clouds

It’s time we got more specific about cloudspotting. Let’s learn the ten main types.

Lesson 1.3: Cats, Birds & Rabbits

Let’s find shapes in the clouds and allow our imagination to drift along in the breeze.

Lesson 1.4: How to make a Cloud

What are clouds made of and how do they form? It’s time to learn how to cook up a cloud!

Lesson 1.5: A Perfect Cloud for Rain

Why does the water in clouds sometimes fall to the ground?

Lesson 1.6: Expert Cloudspotting

Now we start looking at what it is to be an expert cloudspotter. It’s easy to become one if you pay attention to the sky each day.