Lesson 1.1: Look Up & See!

Step one in learning about clouds is to start noticing them. This lesson is all about becoming more aware of the sky. Clouds are where science and art meet, and to start spotting them you have to slow down and be more aware of what is above you every day.

Lesson Objective: Through the use of observation, creativity, and art, students will learn to start to pay attention to the sky. It is a part of nature that too many people miss. They’ll learn that you can think of clouds in terms of three basic groups. They will consider how the sky affects our moods and how clouds change much like feelings do. Students will be introduced to mindfulness and a strategy to help students be aware of observing the world around them and begin to look inward to build emotional resilience.

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Printout 1.1 – Five Senses Mindfulness Chart and Cards
Printout 1.1 – Look Up and See Photo Guide
Printout 1.1 – Mindful Breathing Sheet
Printout 1.1 – My First Clouds Observations Sheet
Printout 1.1 – Ten Main Clouds Chart


‘Welcome to the World of Clouds’ video.
‘Welcome to the World of Mindfulness’ video.

• Skyline Webcam: skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam.html
• JMW Turner Skies Sketchbook: tate.org.uk/art/sketchbook/skies-sketchbook-65800/5
• John Constable Cloud Series 1820s: tate.org.uk/art/artworks/constable-cloud-study-n06065

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PDF of Lesson Plan 1.1 and All Sheets