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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

The Cloud Appreciation Society mail art project
Lindsey Gould (Member 36,694) invited members to send art creations to her in the mail. She then replied with a mail art work of her own. See some of what members sent in here…

The CAS mail art project

From Charlotte Aiken

Charlotte Aiken is an artist currently living in Guildford, UK, and her main interest is clouds.

Home At Last

Sharon Yamamoto has been exhibiting and selling her artwork in galleries around the world since 1969.

Three Clouds

Francoise Dauchot is an artist based in Belgium whose favourite topic is clouds.

By Sarah Vivian

Sarah Vivian, member 48,706, recently joined the Cloud Appreciation Society. She tells us she loves to paint the never-ending beauty of clouds

From Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Fitzgerald, member 40,834, sent us this paining on a black background. She tells us this is how she thinks of clouds in the night sky and what they may be imagining if they could.

From Katie Millard

Katie Millard, society member 48293, is an artist who paints the beautiful coastline of North Norfolk in the UK.

From Susan Forrest Castle

Susan Forrest Castle (member 41376) shared with us one of her latest cloud works from a series called "Tiny Cloud Series"

Mamma Clouds by Joan Son

Joan Son, member 44,883, told us "I've been working in paper for many years, based in the discipline of origami… trying something new now

From Amirah Busairi

Amirah Busairi, CAS member 27334, sent us this artistic depiction of clouds.