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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

On Cloud Art

Eli Bajet, member 31,060, isbased in Ontario Canada and takes pictures of the clouds, dressing them with colors to create abstract colorful art.

From Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller, member 56,107, is an aviator in Annapolis, Maryland. She has recently begun a series of paintings based on her up-close and personal experience of clouds

From Kathleen Bennett

Kathleen Bennett, member 20,977, recently completed this oil painting inspired by a sunrise along the New England coast in Salisbury Beach, MA.

From Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan, member 28,857, painted this scene depicting high cirrus clouds and a light mist on a frosty morning.

A Cloudy Day of Art

Kathleen Janick, member 49,856, sent us this tongue-in-cheek poetic expression of her experience in the CAS cloud watercolor workshops hosted by Donna Levinstone and Gavin Pretor-Pinney. The painting here is one she made during the workshop.

Foel Drygarn

Kate Edge, member 30,633, is in the process of moving the Pembrokeshire, UK, to live in and around the Preseli Hills. She told us this painting was done in her 'car studio' and depicts the Iron Age Hill Fort called Foel Drygarn from a

Cloud Hats

Nate Barton, member 46,647, is a self taught artist, teacher and maker in Asheville, North Carolina. As well as making hats, he also includes handpainted cloudscapes on them. You can see more of his work on his Instagram

Cloud Over Lake Washington

Ellen Cooper, member 55,491, is an artist living and working in Bellevue, Washington, USA, who paints both landscapes and cloudscapes.

Cloud Witness Art Installation

Sculptor, Andy Harding created a sculpture installation entitled "Cloud Witness" housed at the Gilda’s Club in Louisville, KY.