Cloud Art

Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

From Julia Dedieu

This oil on canvas painting is called “Stratocumulus of Azure Sky” and is the first work in a series “Azure Sky” by artist Julia Dedieu, Member 63,285 You can see more of her work on her website.

By Shelby Shirey

Susan Delia sent us this image of a beaded QR code created by her niece. She told us “My niece, Shelby Shirey, is an art student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan USA. Her grandfather, David Shirey, was a Cloud Appreciation Society member and really enjoyed it and shared his joy of this […]

Pedro Diaz Del Castillo

Pedro Diaz Del Castillo, Member 37,530, told us he lives most of the year in Madrid, Spain with luminous skies and magnificent clouds the whole year.  A perfect subject for his cloud paintings. You can see more of his work on his Instagram

From Laurel Sherrie

Laurel Sherrie uses traditional oils and rich colours to create her pieces.  Here is the second from her Ethereal Skies series entitled “Hushed Evening”. You can see more of her work on her website

From Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer, Member 27,151, has been visiting Skye for over 30 years.  This painting is called “Sea Mist behind Ullinish Point” where the cloud stayed most of the day.  Sherry painted this in oil on canvas and told us “Skye has the most amazing clouds; it is impossible not to say something about them in […]

“The Sun in the Clouds”

Julia Dedieu, Member 63,285 is an artist and recent member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  This painting was created in oil on canvas in 2023 and was inspired by the view from an airplane window.  Julia has called it “The Sun in the Clouds”.

From Michael Pockley

Michael Pockley, Member 63,102 recently painted this sunrise over the forest, as seen from his bedroom in Bohemia.  He told us his paintings “are not simply about the clouds themselves but about the manner in which the water vapour in the atmosphere interacts with the sun”. Click here to see more of his work

“We Shall Rise” by Holly Lane

Holly Lane is a Californian artist who has been exhibiting for more that 30 years.  She told us “I LOVE clouds, but this is the first painting and frame I’ve done that is dedicated to the soaring experience of watching clouds shift in a for-get-me-not blue summer sky”.    You can see more of Holly’s work […]

Where Angels Soar

Sheila Finch, an award winning artist, shared one of her latest pieces “Where Angels Soar”. On her website she tells us “Where Angels Soar began over 5 years ago when I recalled from memory a moment, a brief glimpse of an ocean sky that felt other-worldly. The clouds swept upward in layers with streams of […]