Lesson 1.3: Cats, Birds & Rabbits

In this lesson, we explore the shapes we see in clouds, and we learn that shapes are part of the science of giving clouds names..

Lesson Objective: Students are encouraged to explore the shapes they see in clouds. They will find out that this is not just fun, it is also how the Latin naming system for clouds works. Many of the Latin names just describe what the clouds look like, and so the science of identifying clouds is the same as finding shapes in the sky. The mindfulness activity will apply awareness of the body to sky observations.

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Lesson 1.3 – Cloud Appreciation Pack

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Printout 1.3 – Cloud Lookalikes and Latin Names Photo Guide
Printout 1.3 – 3 Mindful Breaths Sheet
Printout 1.3 – Skyku Challenge Sheet

Printout 1.3 – Colouring Clouds Sheet


‘The Clouds’ poem by Dutch poet Martinus Nijhoff (translated by John Irons): johnirons.blogspot.com/2016/04/de-wolken-by-martinus-nijhoff-in.html

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