Lesson 1.4: How to make a Cloud

Cup your hands together, and everything you need to make a cloud is right inside. The most important ingredient is water.

.Lesson Objective: Through the use of creativity with art and an experiment students find out in this lesson the ingredients needed to make a cloud, why clouds stay up in the sky, and why some look bright white and some look dark grey. A mindfulness strategy will help students expand their awareness of emotions and body sensations, how to measure them, and calm down through observation of the breath.

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Lesson 1.4 – Cloud Appreciation Pack

Download Additional Sheets:

Printout 1.4 – How Much Do Clouds Weigh?
Printout 1.4 – Cloud Recipe
Printout 1.4 – Water Cycle
Printout 1.4 – 4-7-8 Breathing Chart and Cards
Printout 1.4 – My Hidden Emotions sheet
Printout 1.4 – Sensations Chart


Video: Why some clouds look bright and others look dark
Video: How to make a cloud in a bottle – 60 Second Science
Video: Cloud in a bottle demonstration (more advanced)

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PDF of Lesson Plan 1.4 and All Sheets