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Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

By Regina Calton Burchett

Regina Calton Burchett, member 51,261, sent us this pastel painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains and corresponding poem she wrote to accompany it.

“Rain” by Dore N. Schwab Jr

Bill Schwab, member 31074, from Norway recently found a lovely poem written by his father, Dore N. Schwab Jr, now deceased, and asked us to share it with our cloud community.

A Poem for Both of Us

Cloud watcher, Lois Cronholm-Neff, sent us this beautiful poem that she wrote for her husband almost 50 years ago.

Flying Lesson: Clouds by Dolores Hayden

Exuberance, poems by Dolores Hayden, member 48,618, celebrates the early years of aviation and includes the poem, “Flying Lesson: Clouds,” that first appeared in Poetry magazine.

From Chris Tetley

Chris Tetly, member 10338, composed this poem after sitting a while in the garden late on a blowy and partly cloudy moonlit night

From Mary Walker

Mary Walker, member 48382, from Upper Hutt, New Zealand wrote this poem encouraging everyone to look up!