Lesson 1.6: Expert Cloudspotting

Now we start looking at what it is to be an expert cloudspotter. Luckily, it’s easy to become one. You just need to pay attention to the sky each day.

Lesson Objective: Students learn about some rare and extra-special formations. Mindfulness strategies presented in all the lessons are reviewed. Students develop an excellent foundation for cloud spotting and emotional resilience building.

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Lesson 1.6 – Cloud Appreciation Pack

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Printout 1.6 – Rare and Extra-Special Cloud Photo Guide


Video: Time-lapse of a horseshoe vortex cloud.
Video: Time-lapse of a horseshoe vortex cloud.
Video: ‘Extreme cloudspotting’ video of skydivers in wing suits
Cloud-a-Day app: Our free app includes an AI Cloudspotter tool that helps identify the clouds in your photos.

• Cloud Appreciation Society videos page; cloudappreciationsociety.org/cloud-videos

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Lesson 1.6 – all printouts in one PDF – Cloud Appreciation Pack