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Wednesday 28th February 2024

So says the rhyme of the ancient mariner: ‘Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.’ The idea is that a red sunrise can act as an early indicator of unsettled weather to come. There is some truth to this old saying. A red sunrise happens …

Cloud of the Month

February 2024

Ever wondered how low a low cloud can go? In Cloud of the Month for February, we introduce you to the blanket of cloud that can form right down at the ground and fill mountain valleys to the brim...

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Cloud Music
Dan Barstow, Member 41,557 and Education Mission Specialist ...
Ethereal Skies I Clouds of Freedom © Laurel Sherrie
Cloud Art
Laurel Sherrie, a lifelong artist, paints landscapes of ...
A curtain of precipitation falls from a storm system over Charlo, Montana, US.
Cloud Poetry
Jan Boles, Member 13,316, sent us his humorous ...
Cloud Art
Sue Hendry, Member 60,264, submitted her oil on ...

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Clouds of Sand Disovered on Mysterious Exoplanet

The English word ‘cloud’ stems from the Old English clūd, meaning ‘boulder’. It is therefore fitting that the clouds on distant exoplanet WASP-107b are made of particles of silicate – minerals that are often the main constituents of sand. It is thought that the sand on WASP-107b behaves in a way reminiscent of Earth’s own […]

Collecting Clouds. Catches from Heaven on Paper

An exhibition showing clouds portrayed in both art and photographic form is currently happening in Zürich, Switzerland, running until March 10, 2024. A collaboration between the Image Archive and the Graphic Collection of ETH Zürich, the exhibition covers different printmaking techniques involved in cloud imagery, as well as asking philosophical questions about the very nature […]

This is Steve

Noreen Reilly, Member 48,298, sent the link to an article published on the CNN website about the purple-pink streak of light that looks like an aurora when it hovers over the Norther Hemisphere but is in fact, something completely different known as ‘Steve’. The two aurora scientists mentioned in the article, Dr Elizabeth MacDonald and […]