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Thursday 7th December 2023

Sean Norman (Member 62,390) spotted this halo while on a helicopter tour from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Sean explains, ‘I’ve lived in northern Canada for almost 10 years, and see these optical effects often, but this was by far the most s…

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December, 2023

Spotting a dramatic display of ice-crystal optical effects is about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right cloud...

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Massimilianoiano Sqadroni shared this spectacular "Time-lapse of Castelluccio ...
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Dan Barstow, Member 41,557 and Education Mission Specialist ...
Cloud Art
Hayley Richards, member 52,003 lives in Hanover, New ...

Cloud Appreciation Day, 2023

Cloud Appreciation Day 2023 happened on Friday September 15th. This day is an invitation to join in a worldwide appreciation of the most dynamic, evocative and universal aspect of nature, the sky.  On Cloud Appreciation Day, coudspotters around the world contributed photographs of their skies to our Memory Cloud Atlas. You can explore the Memory Cloud Atlas to see the skies contributed from around the world. Our Memory Cloud Atlas is a snapshot of a world looking up on one particular day.

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Our free Cloud-a-Day app is the perfect way to start your journey to becoming an expert cloudspotter. It has a library of descriptions and reference images for 58 different clouds and optical effects and it uses the power of AI to help you identify the clouds you spot. Members can also view the Cloud-a-Day in the app that they get as part of their subscription.

Get the Book

A Cloud A Day is our beautifully illustrated book containing 365 skies selected by the Cloud Appreciation Society. It includes photographs by our members from around the world of stunning and fascinating formations, as well as examples of clouds depicted by great artists and even formations in Space, such as interstellar clouds and those on other planets. This is the ultimate dip-in-and-out book for sky lovers. Each image is accompanied by an enlightening explanation, a revealing snippet of cloud science, a surprising story or an uplifting quotation. Each entry will teach you about the sky in a fun and uplifting way.

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Our downloadable lesson plans and resources for schools and homeschools teaching about the sky.


This is Steve

Noreen Reilly, Member 48,298, sent the link to an article published on the CNN website about the purple-pink streak of light that looks like an aurora when it hovers over the Norther Hemisphere but is in fact, something completely different known as ‘Steve’. The two aurora scientists mentioned in the article, Dr Elizabeth MacDonald and […]

From Iowa to England, the World’s Newest Cloud Is Challenging the Status Quo

Emily Fischer is an editorial fellow with Midstory, a non-profit ‘thinkhub’ in the Midwest which encourages the exchange of ideas and envisions the future of the region through multimedia storytelling.  She contacted us as she was working on a story about how asperitas clouds have been seen across the Midwest and wanted to include information […]

Sing Blues in Grey – an Exhibition of the Clouds by Jon Schueler

Sing Blues in Grey, an exhibition showing off thirty paintings and watercolours of the moody cloud-heavy Scottish skies by American artist Jon Schueler, is running in Eton, Berkshire, England from 28th September until 5th November, 2023. For more information on how to attend this event, please visit the official exhibition’s website via this link. Image: […]