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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Storm Cloud Week: Wednesday

The Line Storm by John Steuart Curry depicts a rural scene from 1930s America with workers perched on a wagon loaded high with loose hay. They are looking across to a looming C…

Cloud of the Month

May 2024

Only one of the ten main types of cloud can produce lightning. Only Cumulonimbus has the superpower to shoot electricity through the air, which is why we’re featuring it as Cloud of the Month for May...

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Cloud Music
Dan Barstow, Member 41,557 and  Education Mission Specialist ...
Altocumulus with virga over Denmark.
Cloud Poetry
Anette Prehn, Member 63,419, appreciates the sky from ...
Cloud Videos
Sara Blumenstein, Member 24,936, spotted this video of ...
Cloud Art
Pedro Diaz Del Castillo, Member 37,530, told us ...

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Marine Cloud Brightening: a Potential Tool in the Fight against Climate Change

A small-scale experiment was recently carried out by a team at the University of Washington to explore a potential tool in the fight against the climate crisis: marine cloud brightening. The idea is that spraying tiny particles of sea salt into marine Stratocumulus clouds – the low, clumpy layer cloud that can form over large […]

Cloud Man Production

Chicago’s Filament Theatre are in the final week of their production of Cloud Man. Filament Theatre is the premier theatre for young audiences on Chicago, Illinois’ Northwest Side, and is delighted to present the magical Constellation Points’ Cloud Man. The production is thanks to a new partnership between Filament and the Scottish theatre company Constellation […]

Prehistoric Art of the Colorado Plateau: It’s All About Clouds!

The prehistoric peoples of the Colorado Plateau in the southwest United States knew a thing or two about clouds. And they shared their knowledge in the form of ‘cloud beings’ drawn and carved onto rocks that are still visible today...