The Cloud Appreciation Society

We love clouds. Read our manifesto and see how we are fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’. If you agree with what we stand for, then join the society to get your very own membership certificate and badge and start receiving our ‘Cloud a Day’ service.

Skylark © Paul and Kim Ingvar

From Paul Ingvar

Kim and Paul Ingvar are photographers based in Leamington Spa....

Cheer up, Katharine. You’re CAS Poet in Residence!

Katharine Towers, CAS Poet in Residence

We are pleased to announce that the poet Katharine Towers will be the Cloud Appreciation Society poet in residence for 2016. As part of her new role, Katharine will be writing a short poem each month inspired the Cloud of the Month. We can't wait...

Ephemeral Beauty

Heiko Ruth stayed at home for his holiday this year and filmed the ephemeral beauty above...