Lesson 1.5: A Perfect Cloud for Rain

Clouds are made of tiny water droplets or ice crystals, so why does the water sometimes fall from a cloud to land as rain, hail or snow?

Lesson Objective: Students learn how clouds make rain, snow and hail. Through scientific observation, creativity, and ingenuity, students see for themselves how clouds create precipitation in a jar. Through mindfulness, students practice gratitude in the face of life’s stormy weather.

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Lesson 1.5 – Cloud Appreciation Pack

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Printout 1.5 – A Perfect Cloud for Rain Photo Guide
Printout 1.5 – Gratitude List Sheet


DIY Rainstorm in a Jar Tutorial
Met Office: Rain and snow – what is precipitation?

Poetry (for SECONDARY) relating to clouds and precipitation:
• ‘Summer Shower’ by Emily Dickinson: www.poemofquotes.com/emilydickinson/summershower.php
‘• The Storm’ by Edward Shanks: allpoetry.com/poem/8562149-The-Storm-by-Edward-Shanks
‘• The Cloud’ by Percey Busshe Shelley: www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174384

Video: Bringing The Rain to Kapiti Plain (By Verna Aardema)

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Lesson 1.5 – all printouts in one PDF – Cloud Appreciation Pack