Lesson 1.2: The Ten Main Clouds

Clouds come in many shapes and sizes. There are ten main types, each with their different characteristics. Clouds are like expressions on the face of the atmosphere, so that makes them a good way to discuss feelings.

Lesson Objective: This lesson is about learning to recognise the ten main types of cloud (known officially as cloud ‘genera’). Students will find out what makes them different and what similarities there are between the different ones. They will choose favourite ones to paint or create with collages. Students will learn definitions of feelings and how to observe feelings like they’re learning to observe clouds.

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Lesson 1.2 – Cloud Appreciation Pack

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Printout 1.2 – Ten Main Clouds Factsheets
Printout 1.2 – Ten Main Clouds Cheatsheet
Printout 1.2 – 4-7-8 Breathing Sheet
Printout 1.2 – Colour and Label the Clouds sheet
Printout 1.2 – Cloud Breathing Chart & Cards

Printout 1.2 – Emotions Chart
Printout 1.2 – Little and Big Emotions Chart & Cards


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PDF of Lesson Plan 1.2 and All Sheets