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Cloud Appreciation Society Membership

If you, like us, believe that clouds are the most evocative and dynamic of Nature’s displays, you will be welcomed into the Cloud Appreciation Society with open arms. Otherwise, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Below, you’ll see what you get as a subscribing member, as well as how to buy membership as a gift for someone else. And if you want to know what the Society stands for, take a look first at our Manifesto.

We send a badge, a certificate and a ‘Cloud Selector’

The Member Pack

Society membership isn’t just a digital thing. Every member receives pack in the post, which contains a beautiful enamel membership badge as well as a certificate with the member’s name and Membership Number. Everyone loves to be a number, right? The certificate says that the member will “henceforth seek to persuade all who’ll listen of the wonder and beauty of clouds”. The pack also contains one of our fantastic ‘Cloud Selector’ identification wheels. Turn the dials to see the reference images and information and learn to recognise 20 different cloud formations.

Display your certificate for all to see.
Wear your badge with pride.
Use our Cloud Selector identification wheel.

We send subscribing members a cloud each day

Our ‘Cloud-a-Day’ Service

We’ve always argued that a moment each day with your head in the clouds has a profound effect on your wellbeing. That’s why we send our subscribing members a cloud each day. It arrives as a short daily email. Sometimes it’s a photograph of an amazing formation by one of our members, sometimes, a super-short piece of cloud science. We might send an inspiring sky quotation or a detail from a classic piece of cloud art. Each day it’s different and takes no longer than 30 seconds to read. Our Cloud-a-Day email contains no distracting links to ‘find out more’, and it is never, ever about selling stuff.

Monday's cloud
Tuesday's cloud
Wednesday's cloud
Thursday’s cloud, and on they float...

With member discounts and more

Member Discounts

Subscribing members of the Cloud Appreciation Society automatically receive 10% off everything on our Cloud Shop. They will also receive discounts off the cloudspotting video courses we have in production, as well as our forthcoming web conference.

Member Discount in our Cloud Shop

Our Somewhat Occasional Newsletter

We send it once a month, or thereabouts, and it’s packed with breaking cloud news from around the world – breaking news of the aimless, carefree pastime of gazing at clouds…

Our newsletter – always worth the wait

Society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney’s TED Talk on the value of cloudspotting.

Jim Hamann Roll Cloud

A volutus, or roll cloud, arrives ahead of a Cumulonimbus storm, spotted by Jim Hamann over Wapello County, Iowa, US.

Your membership will help us inspire young cloudspotters

5% of our membership fees in 2021 will go to helping teachers around the world encourage a greater appreciation and understanding of clouds. We will be mailing out a ‘Cloud Appreciation Pack’ to any school or homeschool family for free. These survival kits for the imagination will encourage children to be more aware of the beauty of the sky, to find calm and emotional resilience as they understand how clouds work – in short, to keep looking up.

Find our more about our 2021 Cloud Appreciation Pack project…


You pay a one-off sign-up fee to cover us sending out your membership pack, and then a yearly membership subscription.

  • Membership certificate
  • Enamel member badge
  • Cloud-a-Day service
  • ‘Cloud Selector’ wheel
  • 10% off the Cloud Shop
  • Occasional Cloud Newsletters
  • Member discounts and offers

$6.74 one time, and
$33.04 / year

Change Currency:

What gift could be more original than membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society? When you buy a gift membership, you make a one-off payment to cover the member’s sign-up fee and the first year of their membership. They can continue the subscription should they choose to. If you know someone with their head in the clouds, you know what to do…

Gift Membership:
$6.74 one time, and
$33.04 for 1 year

Gift Supporting Membership:
$6.74 one time, and
$56.64 for 1 year

Change Currency:

Supporting Members help us make the website more multilingual and expand our participation in education. The sky is the most universal aspect of Nature and we strongly believe an appreciation of it brings people together.
Normal membership, plus

  • 15% off the Cloud Shop
  • Free access to our video courses (in production)
  • Free entry to our web conferences

Supporting Membership:
$6.74 one time, and
$56.64 / year

Change Currency:

Or if you just want to stay in touch: