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Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

“Clouds” by Meg Files

Meg Files from Tucson AZ recently sent us this poem that she wrote for her father's memorial service.

From Christopher Fernie

Christopher Fernie is an enthusiastic cloud poet and has sent this from his Cloud Poetry archive.

From Dianella Bardelli

Dianella Bardelli of Bologna, Italy recently sent us her Cloud Haiku Cielo al tramonto un’allucinazione di rosso e sangue

from Christopher Fernie

Christopher Fernie has written a number of poems inspired by clouds and wrote to us saying that he would like to dedicate this one to the Society; it was written in 2006 and first appeared on the poetry website, Poetbay.

Cloud Haiku from Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina from Las Cruces, NM, loves clouds and the weather. She recently sent us some Haiku poems which reflect her enjoyment.

Our Clouds by JJ Evendon

A layer of cloud covers the summer sky, pleasant without menace. Tantalisingly beautiful. Serene by absence of noise. Drawn by wind carriages. The sun's rays exposing momentary holes, transformed into stilts of light. Radiant. Only to disappear then reappear. All random. The shadow makers continue their passage, individually, collectively - it matters not, for they are there, above. Always above without

From Nick Houvras

A poem entitled "Rain Clouds We All See" from Nick Houvras, member 7367,