A full moon over Bigfork, Montana, US.

“Clouds” by Nick Houvras

Nick Houvras, member 7,347 is a longstanding member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and sent us one of his cloud related poems. We’ve paired it with a photograph from our Photo Gallery of a full moon over Bigfork, Montana by Ruth Quist.


The clouds are the roof over our head curiously they break apart and you see the blue sky And sun above.
At night there my appear a star winking at you.
Or a big white round full moon that comes partly through.
The oceans adrift in the sky above but no sail boats there flying high.
Just occasionally white streaks planes leave behind like trails one can walk on.
You maybe, so for now just say hi, high to the clouds in the sky!

© Nick Houvras 2022

2 thoughts on ““Clouds” by Nick Houvras”

  1. Yuqiu Shao avatar Yuqiu Shao says:

    sososo great!i’m from China

  2. Ruth Quist avatar RUTH QUIST says:

    Nick, lovely poem and I am thrilled it was matched with a moon of mine. Ruth

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