Maine Fog

Kathleen Janick, member 49,856, recently wrote this poem inspired by fog on the coast of Maine, USA. She lives outside Portland where the famous lighthouse, Portland Headlight, featured in her photo, is located.

Maine Fog

Where I am in space I cannot say,
My sight clouded with visions
Of slow-motion ghosts

Soft murmurings, blunted cries
Of gulls and eiders and ducks
Somewhere above

Gray upon gray upon rocks upon sea
I am surrounded and captured
And embraced by the sky

© Kathleen Janick

One thought on “Maine Fog”

  1. Peter Hewitt avatar Peter Hewitt says:

    Hello Kathleen..

    For most of my long life my first love has been Lighthouses, especially in stormy or otherwise weather affected situations.. They seem more natural than on a clear sunny day..

    My second is matters relating to weather and climate in particular Clouds an rain ~ including fog..

    You have put these together magnificently in both Your image and words.. Bravo.!!

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