Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

A halo and sundogs in diamond dust over Little Detroit Lake, US.

From Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina of Las Cruces, New Mexico sent these two cloud inspired Haiku

Photographer’s Dilemma

Terry Alby, member 40,752, wrote this poem for our Gallery Editor, Ian Loxley. He told us it's about old photographers who love all the beauty that abounds and has the alternative titles of “Old Photographer’s Don’t Die Young!” or “Don’t Blame the Lens”


Lorra Rudman sent us several of her poems but this one, entitled “Underdog”, is her favourite and was written in 1984. Underdog Cloudy is the underdog Who dresses all in grey But has she not the right to joy As any Sunny day? She reaches out her rolling strength To charge me full and strong […]

Not Every Cloud…

Mark Robert Ugland sent us this poem. He told us "one of the best parts of life is looking up!"

“Villanelle of the Clouds” by Paul Reddick

Paul Reddick, member 52,023, sent this lyric that he wrote for a friend who composes for, and runs an amateur women's choir in Toronto.

“Cloudy Horse” by May Blythe

May Blythe of London, UK, wrote this poem on a very windy day in Lyme Regis, looking out over the sea in-between Golden Cap and the Cobb.

Our Beautiful Sky

Caroline Sullivan sent us this poem written whilst she was a member of a poetry group as she felt people failed to notice our beautiful skies.

“From the West” by Hilary Thurston

A poem about clouds that look like things submitted by Hilary Thurston, member 54048

“The Cloud Watcher” by Sherwin Berger

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his cloud inspired poem, "The Cloud Watcher"