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Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

Encapsulated in the Clouds

Susan Williams is from Coventry in the UK. She recently shared two of her poems which she wrote after having been inspired by her friend

“The Cloud”

Another beautiful poem by Pauline Tabrar of Northolt, Middlesex, England

“I Saw Your Face in a Cloud”

Pauline Tabrar lives in Northolt, Middlesex, England. She recently sent us this very poignant poem after learning about the Cloud Appreciation Society on LBC Radio.

Cloudy Poetry

Cloud enthusiast, Dinah Johnson, was inspired to write these poems after walking into the town of Swanage, UK, a few years ago and spotting a cumulonimbus cloud.

“Do You See Yonder Cloud?”

Anthony Davis, member 11945, has sent us a further irreverent cloud poem having taken his inspiration from the sky.

“Lost In Clouds”

Jeni Bate, Society member 29168, has written this cloud inspired poem in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet.

Cloud Poems

Nicholas Power, Society member 27925, from Canada, recently shared two of his cloud inspired poems with us.

“CloudSpotters” by Carole Chandler

Carole Chandler, member 28346, wrote this poem in the kind and gentle company of 'Marley', her black Labrador - a retired guide dog aged 11 and apparently, one of our canine cloudspotters.


Olivia Negron, member 41,836 has shared this beautiful poem written by her grandfather.

The Clouds of Heart

Dilip Bhatt, of Rajkot, India, recently sent this poem inspired by clouds.

Cloud Haiku

Cindy Medina of Las Cruces, NM recently sent three of her Cloud Haiku