Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

Maine Fog

Kathleen Janick, member 49,856, recently wrote this poem inspired by fog on the coast of Maine, USA

“Sky Pebbles” by Ric Johnson

Ric Johnson wrote this poem after walking alongside the River Weaver in Cheshire, UK and was inspired by the clouds that appeared overhead. You can see more of his work on his website. SKY PEBBLES Tight knit, these pebblesAlthough not knitted at allIf our brains were in place. Magically magicalBut truly, touchingly magicalThough impossible to […]
A mixed sky over the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Buckshot Dot, AKA Dee Strickland Johnson, sent us this poem reflecting on sky.  We’ve paired it with this mixed sky over the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia by Ebony Willson, Member 53,124 The Sky Without Clouds A day without clouds is the sky at its least.We had one here just recently.Be they piles, or wisps, or […]
Anti-crepuscular rays over Idaho, US.

“Cloud-Whisperer” by Kathy Miles

Kathy Miles is a poet living in West Wales; her fourth full collection was published by Indigo Dreams in 2020.  This is a poem she wrote about Luke Howard with a photograph by Jan Boles of Anti-crepuscular rays over Idaho, US. Cloud-Whispererafter Luke Howard, 1802 He named them because he could.For the thrill of cirrus […]
A joyful cirrus face over Tucson, Arizona, US.

Keshet Amalia Wistenberg

Keshet Amalia Wistenberg recently sent us this poem to share with the CAS community. We’ve paired it with an image from our Photo Gallery by Ernesto Astiazaran of a joyful cirrus face over Tucson, Arizona, US. Vantage Point Fribbling, trotting,In circles abounding,Our smidgens of formsSo dear, yet so far. We click and we squabble,Enwrangled, surrounding,By […]

“High Desert Winter” by David Oscarson

David Oscarson, supporting member 40614 sent us this poem he recently composed. It centres around falling snow and encroaching clouds that cover the mountains.

Heavenly “Boo!”

Sherman Schapiro, Member 56,083, sent this short poem inspired by our Halloween Cloud-a-Day – an Altocumulus ‘supercilium’, a cloud term yet to be recognised as an official one, spotted haunting the sky over San Anselmo, California, US by Lee FitzGerald (Member 50,400). Heavenly “Boo!” Eerie skies above,like tentacles descending.Clouds for Hallowe’en. © Sherman Schapiro

Staring Out the Window

Paul Davies, Member 28,330. wrote this descriptive piece to share with us.  We’ve paired it with an image of Zunderdorp, Gemeente Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands   © mercy Staring out the window,wondering why those cotton-wool ballswhich look like mammothsor a score of shrubs shoulder-to-shoulderdon’t over-fly my garden in smaller clumpsthe size of cows or sheep or rabbits […]
An action-packed sky over The Grand Canyon, Arizona, US.

Nature’s Magicians

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his latest cloud inspired poem entitled "Nature's Magicians".