Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

A full moon over Bigfork, Montana, US.

“Clouds” by Nick Houvras

Nick Houvras, member 7,347 is a longstanding member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and sent us one of his cloud related poems. We’ve paired it with a photograph from our Photo Gallery of a full moon over Bigfork, Montana by Ruth Quist. Clouds The clouds are the roof over our head curiously they break apart […]
A sunrise over Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.


Buckshot Dot, AKA Dee Strickland Johnson, sent one of her more recent poems.  The image we’ve chosen to accompany it is by Lourdes Sanches Munoz A BRILLIANT SUNSET I saw a sunset, just this evening.Out the window of my den.‘Twas so lovely, so inspiringI ran to fetch my camera in.Vermillion clouds –a dozen of them, […]
Lenticularis over Skarsvåg, Nordkapp, Finnmark, Norway.

From a small ship in Antarctic waters

Annie Dillard, Member 46,119 sent us an anecdote of an encounter from a small ship in Antarctic waters. “Over a long life I’ve learned that the meaning of this sight is a handy thing to know. From a small ship in Antarctic waters I saw a stack of lenticular clouds and thought HERE’S TROUBLE. We […]

Heavenly “Boo!”

Sherman Schapiro, Member 56,083, sent this short poem inspired by our Halloween Cloud-a-Day – an Altocumulus ‘supercilium’, a cloud term yet to be recognised as an official one, spotted haunting the sky over San Anselmo, California, US by Lee FitzGerald (Member 50,400). Heavenly “Boo!” Eerie skies above,like tentacles descending.Clouds for Hallowe’en. © Sherman Schapiro

Staring Out the Window

Paul Davies, Member 28,330. wrote this descriptive piece to share with us.  We’ve paired it with an image of Zunderdorp, Gemeente Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands   © mercy Staring out the window,wondering why those cotton-wool ballswhich look like mammothsor a score of shrubs shoulder-to-shoulderdon’t over-fly my garden in smaller clumpsthe size of cows or sheep or rabbits […]
An action-packed sky over The Grand Canyon, Arizona, US.

Nature’s Magicians

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his latest cloud inspired poem entitled "Nature's Magicians".

From Guo Wei

Guo Wei, Member 57,319, wrote this poem after seeing Circumzenithal Arc when leaving home one morning.  The image shared here was taken on a walk in Beichen Mountain, Xiamen, China 《解构与重组——环天顶弧之歌》 每一天我站在原地万事万物流过我以气息、话语、文字咀嚼的质地或只是纯粹明暗的光线渐变的波长、频谱穿透我用一切确定与不确定性,将我扭转、分散、符号化 风把我的碎片卷曲、打包投向高空的尘埃和冰晶,以及大气中无法自证其存在的颗粒于是我习惯性在清早眺望太阳凝望的方向终见天空微笑 © Guo Wei

Cirrus uncinus

Sherman Schapiro (Member 56,083) of Eureka, CA, USA wrote this Haiku after seeing the Cloud-a-Day of 14th August 2022. We’ve accompanied it with the image used in that Cloud-a-Day which was taken by Celia Quinn (member 53,053) and shows Cirrus uncinus clouds over Mount Pinos in the Transverse Ranges, South California, US Cirrus uncinus Those […]


Ric Johnson has written “Cloudship, Spaceship”, a poem based on this photograph he took which was obviously a flying saucer disguised as a cloud! CLOUDSHIP, SPACESHIP Oh, gorgeous saucerCruising, skirtingClouded skies. Slim saucer surveyingA cloudship sweepingIn trim exercise. Cloudship as spaceshipSkims on patrolPerhaps us they despise. Camouflaged spaceshipCunning as cloudAnd quietly spies. Marauding she gleamsA […]