Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

From Kate Edge

Kate Edge, Member 30,633, wrote this piece whilst busily working on new cloud paintings for an exhibition.  We’ve accompanied her text with one of her previous paintings, “Foel Drygarn” We bring peace to you now and forever more. We are the motion of love resplendent. Our journey is to cover earth with love’s nourishment -to […]
A sunrise over Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.


Buckshot Dot, AKA Dee Strickland Johnson, sent one of her more recent poems.  The image we’ve chosen to accompany it is a sunrise over Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain by Lourdes Sanches Munoz A BRILLIANT SUNSET I saw a sunset, just this evening.Out the window of my den.‘Twas so lovely, so inspiringI ran to fetch my camera […]
A sunrise over Sumirago, Varese,, Italy.

Nuvole “Clouds”

Romano Zeraschi sent us this recent cloud inspired poem.  We’ve paired it with a sunrise over Sumirago, Varese, Italy by Paolo Bardelli. Nuvole:anime che svolanoaddensanoe svaporanocartografie di sogniillusioni.Stampigliano promessescambiano timidi bacie umide di timidi amorivezzose e liberescorrono e sbriglianonel superno abissosenza paura.Dipingonocose che vorremmoe non sappiamoo ci fanno pauraminacciosequando avanzano orridamente scureper poi pentirsie piangeree […]

The Gladness of Clouds

Chris Tetley, Member 10,338, sent us this poem composed to encourage us to wonder what our lives would be like without clouds.  The image was one he took locally of the sky over Devon, UK. The Gladness of Clouds The sky would be an empty stage without its cast of varied cloud,Lacking daily interest with […]
Lenticularis over Skarsvåg, Nordkapp, Finnmark, Norway.

From a small ship in Antarctic waters

Annie Dillard, Member 46,119 sent us an anecdote of an encounter from a small ship in Antarctic waters. We’ve paired it with an image from “Cloudface 88” of Lenticularis over Skarsvåg, Nordkapp, Finnmark, Norway “Over a long life I’ve learned that the meaning of this sight is a handy thing to know. From a small […]
A spine-like contrail over Chester, England.

From Lou Piccolo

Lou Piccolo enjoys reading poetry and recently submitted this Haiku inspired by the sky. We’ve paired it with an image from our Photo Gallery of a spine-like contrail over Chester, England by Michael Hearne. Clouds embroidering white criss-cross stitches on a bright summer-blue sky.
A fair weather cloud day over Valentia Island in the south west of Ireland.

Home Turf by Melanie McDowell

Melanie McDowell, Member 58,909 is thoroughly enjoying her membership of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  She told us “I am a poet and a lot of my poetry takes inspiration from the ever changing West of Ireland skies.  I also love reading others’ poetry, both contemporary and classic.  During Covid, I began the practice of choosing a […]
Faces in the clouds over the Hamble river, England.

The Old, Old Man

Buckshot Dot, AKA Dee Strickland Johnson, wrote this poem in 1940 when she was 9 years old.  The image we’ve chose to accompany it is by Linda Holtby, Member 20,966, of faces in the clouds over the Hamble river, England. THE OLD OLD MAN His beard is so long it touches his toes.If I were […]
Cumulonimbus over Bosse, Belgium


Bonnie Boothroyd was driving and when she came over the crest of a hill and before her was a fascinating skyscape which inspired this poem.  We’ve paired it with an image from our gallery of Cumulonimbus over Bosse, Belgium © Sunwalker Layers The sky overhead hangs low,   leaden threatening my mood In the distance though, […]