Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

Anti-crepuscular rays over Idaho, US.

“Cloud-Whisperer” by Kathy Miles

Kathy Miles is a poet living in West Wales; her fourth full collection was published by Indigo Dreams in 2020.  This is a poem she wrote about Luke Howard with a photograph by Jan Boles of Anti-crepuscular rays over Idaho, US. Cloud-Whispererafter Luke Howard, 1802 He named them because he could.For the thrill of cirrus […]
A full moon over Bigfork, Montana, US.

“Clouds” by Nick Houvras

Nick Houvras, member 7,347 is a longstanding member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and sent us one of his cloud related poems. We’ve paired it with a photograph from our Photo Gallery of a full moon over Bigfork, Montana by Ruth Quist. Clouds The clouds are the roof over our head curiously they break apart […]
A Circumzenithal Arc over Broadway, NYC, US.

To Have the Honor of a Cloud

Holly Payne-Strange, Member 52,979, from New Jersey was enjoying the clouds at Thanksgiving when she dreamt up this poem.  We’ve paired it with an image of a Circumzenithal Arc over Broadway, NYC, US by Judy Schramm To Have the Honor of a Cloud Ice crystals in the sky,Reflecting sunlight, conjuring shadowAn ever moving gallery of […]

Ladder to the Clouds

Chuck Metcalfe, Member 61,468, sent us a poem he wrote in November this year and a photograph he took at his camp in Stockton, New York, that inspired it. Ladder to the Clouds If I could build a ladder to the clouds, we could climb so high into the sky.We could frolic and play, and […]
A sunset over Kiev, Ukraine.

From Vyacheslav Konoval

Vyacheslav Konoval is a poet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Many of his poems have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Polish but this is one he wrote in English for CAS members to enjoy. Image: “A Sunset over Kiev, Ukraine” © Vera Uzhva A dark blue cloud crawls across the sky A dark blue cloud […]
Aladdin's lamp spotted over Bhutan, south Asia.

“Go to Bhutan” by Minnie Biggs

Minnie Biggs, Member 4,330, recently sent her poem about the skies over Bhutan, which is situated on the Himalayas’ eastern edge. We’ve accompanied it with an image from Michael Ellis “Aladdin’s lamp spotted over Bhutan, South Asia“ Go to Bhutan Cloud heavenwe are looking at the clouds in the distancewe are below the cloudswe are […]
Crepuscular rays over Somerset, England.

“A Wish” by Nick Houvras

Nick Houvras, Member 7,367 sent us one of his recent poems. Image: Crepuscular Rays over Somerset, England © Helen Crawley A Wish Don’t you wish you were a cloud? Flying free where ever the wind sent you! Looking down from up above on sunny ground! Or wet leaves you sent your water to. And then […]
A sunset with crepuscular rays over Hickory, North Carolina, US.

From Sara Austin Bailey

Sara Austin Bailey, member 50,249 sent us this cloud-inspired poem from her home in North Carolina.

From Kate Edge

Kate Edge, Member 30,633, wrote this piece whilst busily working on new cloud paintings for an exhibition.  We’ve accompanied her text with one of her previous paintings, “Foel Drygarn” We bring peace to you now and forever more. We are the motion of love resplendent. Our journey is to cover earth with love’s nourishment -to […]