A sunset with crepuscular rays over Hickory, North Carolina, US.

From Sara Austin Bailey

Sara Austin Bailey, member 50,249 sent us this cloud-inspired poem from her home in North Carolina.

As I learn
I let go

And now
We watch,

We waft
Like clouds

Across a beautiful day.
Never stopping to catch our breath

Or to leave an impression.

That first time
We talked on Granny Austin’s quilt

You told me
You don’t long for anyone.

You don’t wish them to be
With you,

Or anywhere
Besides where they are.

I may be the opposite.
I miss perhaps way too much.

But I am learning.
I can let go.

You are teaching me,

And so much more.

And like flashes
In dark nights,

Your light burns and recedes
All in an instant.

But in that moment,
And even in those that haven’t yet arrived,

I see.

Not just what’s all around me.
But what is inside.

You show me
And I can’t avert my eyes.

You see me too.


© Sara Austin Bailey 2020

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