7 thoughts on “The Society Makes it onto Japanese TV”

  1. Anne Nordheim avatar Anne says:

    onto Norwegian TV – sorry about the typo :-)

  2. Anne Nordheim avatar Anne says:

    You made it onte Norwegian TV as well. That’s how I found you! :-D

  3. Tadashi and Tamotsu,
    Thanks very much for your translations!
    Best wishes, Gavin PP

  4. Tamotsu Eguchi says:

    She introduced proverb about weather. But it is little disappointing that her explanation was little wrong meteorologically.

  5. Tadashi Tanimoto says:

    They were introducing the site of CAS which is referring for the rare clouds (such as Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud) in the world. Furthermore, they introduced the comment of the Society founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney that “Life is tedious if it is looking at a monotonous sky which does not have clouds every day “.

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