Happy Little Clouds by Bob Ross

Happy Little Clouds, ala Bob Ross

‘Lady Eve’, on the Society Facebook page, alerted us to this great celebration of cheesy cloud art from the legendary 80s presenter of The Joy of Painting, on PBS in The States. It has been remixed by the very talented John D. Boswell. “Relax, let it flow. Think like water…”

8 thoughts on “Happy Little Clouds, ala Bob Ross”

  1. Richard Jones avatar MR PLEASANT says:

    Where was ‘Big Bird’? Cloud pictures, if you havn’t got a camera, use a brush !

  2. Hanne Ingerslev avatar Hanne Ingerslev says:

    GREAT to watch. I was sour till I watched this THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Ellen Gallienne says:

    Thank you iv’e had painters block !! but no more!!,
    So Inspired !!Bless you Bob.

  4. Robin Lewis says:

    Grinning from ear to ear. Truly wonderful

  5. Per Gustavsson avatar Per Gustavsson says:

    He makes me beleive! Just wonderfull!!

  6. Janet Trott-Nicholls avatar Janet Trott says:

    Absolutely delightful – just what I needed to put a smile on my face today. Thank you.

  7. Paul Forsdick avatar Paul Forsdick says:

    Bob Ross The Joy of Painting is on sky channnel 240 Discovery Real Time most weekday mornings and I love watching him

  8. Joanna Rothschild avatar jo rothschild says:

    Excellen, Thoroughly enjoyable, joyful and Daft. Really made me smile!! More please!!

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