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Thursday 18th August 2022

George Preoteasa (Member 41,445) spotted a carrot in the skies above West Texas, US, and more impressively, he managed to photograph it. This is an example of a sprite, a form of transient luminous event (TLE) that lasts a fraction of a se…

Cloud of the Month

Cloud of the Month for August 2022

August 2022

Lacunosus are clouds clouds that look like foam bubbling on ocean waves. We explain how they form in Cloud of the Month for August...

Cloud Appreciation Day


Join our worldwide event on Cloud Appreciation Day, 2022, when we will be launching a ‘Memory Cloud Atlas’ onto which anyone anywhere will be able to post an image of their sky, locate themselves on a map, and share with the world how they feel about the sky and the clouds...

New from our Members

Cloud Art
Ann Kraus, Member 48,329, sent us her painting ...
Cloud Poetry
Kate Edge, Member 30,633, wrote this piece whilst ...
Cloud Music
Sean McGowan recently sent through some music he ...
A sunset with crepuscular rays over Hickory, North Carolina, US.
Cloud Poetry
Sara Austin Bailey, member 50,249 sent us this ...

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Blowin’ in the Wind – Boston Globe

Renée Loth recently wrote a column in the Boston Globe about the joys of cloudspotting and the feelings it can evoke.  It’s a beautifully descriptive piece and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did.  Thanks to Lynn Bruneau, Member 42,098 for drawing our attention to it. You can read the article […]

Surreal Cloudscape Series

CGI artist and painter, Matt Wilson, has sent in his series Surreal Cloudscapes.  Matt created the CGI cloudscapes in the recent ‘Lightyear’ Pixar movie, but during Covid isolation he began experimenting with creating cloudscapes on his own.  He calls his art series Sentinels, and they were recently featured in the Solo Show in New York […]

Our Kickstarter to launch a ‘Memory Cloud Atlas’ for Cloud Appreciation Day

We have just launched a Kickstarter to create a website for Cloud Appreciation Day on Friday September 16th. The Memory Cloud Atlas will be a free resource for anyone, anywhere to share their sky on this day and the feelings it elicits in them. Help us record a worldwide snapshot of richly diverse perspectives on […]