From Daryl D Johnson

Daryl D Johnson, member 45,193, sent us her oil on canvas painting “Sunset Wind”. She told us “I love the surprising colors in cloud layers as the sun sets in low angle. The treetops seem to applaud the show”.

You can see more of her work on her website

2 thoughts on “From Daryl D Johnson”

  1. Ruth Quist avatar RUTH QUIST says:

    Daryl, I absolutely love your art. Your colors are the best. Sounds like New Orleans is a special spot for your work and home. I got myself pretty much screwed up years ago on a hurricane beverage!

  2. Patricia L Keelin avatar Keelin says:

    You’ve captured it all so well–the beauty and magnificence! And oh those splendid colors! Thank you for sharing, Daryl. Applauding you!
    PS: I enjoyed seeing your work in stages on your website. Fascinating!

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