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Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

From Pauline Bailly

Pauline Bailly is a painter from Normandy, France who likes to paint Lady-Clouds, called “Les Femmes-Nuages” in French. She describes her work below:

My Cloudy Women are the link between reality and dreams. It is an ambiguity between two worlds, with a strong emphasis on introspection in a style sprinkled with surrealism, where onirism takes over and supplants all rationality.

The cloud is like a connection between the character’s states of mind and the world around us. Like an extension of the emotions, these cumulus clouds, for the most part, are a window onto thought. They are like dream vapors, melancholy clouds, like a veil of poetry rooted in the midst of landscapes, terrestrial or celestial settings.

These women are like guardians of their own universe, but also of those of others. The spectators can project their own stories and dreams into my paintings. A bridge is created, in a spirit of sharing hope and softness.

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Foel Cwm Cerwyn

This is a recent painting by Kate Edge, Member 30,633, of Foel Cwm Cerwyn in the Preseli Hills, a range of hills in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales.  She told us that on the day it was painted the Cirrus clouds were wonderful.

From Penny Hauffe

This scene was captured in Beenbrck, Namibia and was painted by artist, Penny Hauffe.  Penny was born in Windhoek, Namibia and now lives in Virginia, USA.

You can see more of Penny’s work on her website

Solitude by Schar Freeman

Schar Freeman, Member 54,318 resides on the island of Kaua’i in the Hawaiian Islands. She told us “I love my walks on the beach. I am a painter and love clouds.  This one is my favourite beach walks on an overcast day with clouds that brought no rain..even with the Frog Face that lingers in this formation”. 

from Penny Hauffe

Phil Erickson sent in a recent painting by his wife, artist Penny Hauffe.  It depicts a dramatic formation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (USA) at Nags Head.

You can see more of Penny’s work on her website

From David Evans

David Evans, Member 61,735, sent us a recent painting.  He told us “This is a painting I made of a tremendous cloud which appeared suddenly over a beach in Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada on a sunny day in 2018”.

From Mark Bricknell

Mark Bricknell, Member 13,136 is a photographer who appreciates the beauty and ephemeral nature of clouds. 

He told us “I have taken some images and would like to share them with the other members. This work is an appreciation of the photographer Alfred Stieglitz whose work in 1922 called ‘Equivalents’ has always been an inspiration to me..!  The exact location of longitude and latitude is on the poster”.

Mural by Chris Finlayson

Richard Bacon, Member 51,546, sent us this photograph of a mural by Chris Finlayson, a New Zealand artist, who completed this work in 1984 at Wakefield Quay, Nelson, New Zealand. Chris Finlayson said of the work, “Whatever I painted there on the edge of land and sea …. would stand as a portal of softer human expression within the context of a hard edged, often unforgiving artificial urban environment.” The building once housed the electricity generating plant providing power to Nelson City. “Aotearoa” at the bottom of the mural is the Maori name for New Zealand, and the most common translation of this is “The Land of the Long White Cloud.”

From Melody Serra

Melody Serra, Member 56,638 told us “This is a sketch overlaid on sky blue hot press paper. The sketch was made on a clear day in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco”.

From Doug MacBean

Doug MacBean sent us his painting entitled “Dofasco 2000 Trail in Hamilton”.  It was sold through the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario in 2022 and is oil on canvas.  He told us “I’ve been painting clouds for over 30 years and I feel I’m getting better”

South Texas Tower

David Fitch is an artist residing in Texas and Maine.  He told us, “as a private pilot I spend alot of time looking at clouds, mostly trying to figure out how to get over, under, around or through them. So their ever-changing shape is of keen interest to me. As an artist I thoroughly enjoy recreating these forms like this one which represents a summer afternoon Cumulus congestus fueled by the warm moist air coming off the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas”.

You can see more of his work on his website

In the Clouds by Ned Stern

Ned Stern has been painting professionally since he graduated from college. He received his degree in Fine Art from The American University in Washington, D.C.  This is one of his recent paintings entitled  “In the Clouds”.  You can see more of his work on his website

From Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer, Member 27,151 sent us her recent painting of Beinn Sgritheall, the highest mountain on the Glenelg Peninsula in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.

Spectacle by Daryl D Johnson

Daryl D Johnson, member 45,193 is an artist based in New Orleans. She told us “Surrounding my studio in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA are spectacular skies and sunsets. I paint to express the exploding chi of clouds”.

Wistful Dreaming by Michelle Purves

Michelle Purves, Member 59,285, is besotted by clouds and she tells us “my passion is to paint the ever illusory, changing, ethereal beauty that connects sky to the landscape.  In Australia my inspiration comes from the remote pristine inlets, and the continuum of soaring skies”.

Winter Clouds

Lucretia Bingham, member 53,512, recently completed this painting of winter clouds – all silver threads and golden needles, pierced with greys.

A Haven in the Clouds

Dave Loewenstein, Member 58,926, created this cloud-themed mural entitled “A Haven in the Clouds”.  The mural in central Kansas, designed and painted with local high school students, imagines a bird’s eye (or satellite’s) view above clouds that spell out the town’s name, Haven, and if you look closely, Heaven, thanks to the letter E that appears one of the farm fields.

ou can see more about it on Dave’s website –

by Katrina Case

Tim Kessler, member 45,331, submitted this painting by artist Katrina Case. The piece shows a massive cumulonimbus having just passed the Mickelsen Safeguard site near Langdon, North Dakota