Cloud Videos

Clouds never stay still. They're in a state of perpetual transition, mutating from one form to another. This ephemeral, ever-changing quality is part of their beauty. If you have time-lapse video of clouds for this page, upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and send us a link.

Alien Skies

Mark Dymond, Member 16120, sent us his ‘Alien Skies’ video, in which the colours of the time lapse clouds are inverted to eerie effect. The music is by The Silk Demise.

Canary Sky over Tenerife

Margaret Westfall, Member No 26,932, was in touch to tell us about this stunning time-lapse sequence by Daniel López. It reveals the normally hidden motion of several glorious cloud formations including lenticularis clouds, cap clouds, coronas, and gracefully lapping undulatus. El Cielo de Canarias / Canary sky – Tenerife from Daniel López on Vimeo.

Silver Lining

Paraglider Kym Fielke‘s beautiful 4-minute film, Silver Lining, is showing at the 38th annual Coupe Icare 2011 Free Flight Film Festival at St Hilaire in France. He shot the film in South Australia during 2010 around Adelaide, Mt Lofty Ranges, Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Mid North and Flinders Ranges. Over 8800 photos were used to […]

Close Encounters of the Stormy Kind

Benjamin Turquet, Member No. 27,655, sent us his video showing time-lapse footage of an evening Cumulonimbus cloud developing over Montreal, Quebec, Canada, along with film of the lightning storm that followed. Was the thunderhead trying to communicate something to us Earthlings?

Evening Sky over Recanati

This short time lapse of the evening sky over Recanati, Italy, was filmed by Marco Cingolani. Music is by Simon Wilkinson.

Sun, Rain & Clouds over the Avoca River, Ireland

This time lapse of the changeable skies over Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland was sent in by Steve Potter, Cloud Appreciation Society Member No. 27,500. “I shot it on 16 June 2011,” he said, “using my Nexus1 Google Android phone and the Time-Lapse app. The music is by Cara Dillon. This really shows you why Ireland […]

Mull in the Morning

Anita Evans, Cloud Appreciation Society Member No 16,612, sent us her time lapse film of cumulus clouds bubbling up over the island of Mull off the west coast of Scotland. We love it. Mull in the Morning from camerabag on Vimeo.

A Head in the Clouds

Denis Farmer posted this YouTube video from his back garden when he saw a face appearing in the storm clouds over Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. We think his comment half-way through rather sums it up: “Hoooooly Freak!”.
Jurgen Klimpke

The Sun Will Shine Brightly

Sent in by Juergen K. Klimpke, Member No. 22868. Time-lapse recording of the morning sky over Schleiz (Thuringia, Germany). The clouds give a view of the sun. Aeroplanes hurry scurry across the screen and produce aircraft contrails. This pull over before the sun and then finally make space for a blue summer sky. Footage and […]