Kelvin-Helmholtz sweep over Birmingham

That’s Not Why We Think You’re Crazy, Stacey…

Clouds that look like a series of breaking waves are known as ‘Kelvin-Helmholtz’ formations. They can appear at the low, middle and high cloud levels. This video, filmed from Birmingham, Alabama, US, shows a particularly low example of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. So dramatic were the waves that they were featured in the local news, described by reporters as the ‘tsunami clouds’. We like dialogue between the cloudspotting couple. She want’s him to call the TV weather man to ask what they are. He seems to be too busy using his power tools to put up some shelves at the same time as he’s filming them…

3 thoughts on “That’s Not Why We Think You’re Crazy, Stacey…”

  1. Skye says:

    I am a meteorologist. The high wispy clouds are called cirrus clouds and are natural made of ice crystals. Contrails behind jets are the result of the warm air from a jet engine coming into contact with the very cold air high in the air which turns into ice crystals-like those white clouds cars emit on very cold days. “Chemtrails” really contrails are just ice crystals/water vapor and don’t hurt a thing.

  2. freda fields says:

    Why does no one explain waht those wispy type clouds are ,that are the product of what people call vapour trails, and why are people afraid to believe that they are chemical trails as portrayed on the internet? Have i touched on a deep taboo here or are people simply afraid to speak up these days because of the ever burdgeoning draconian society we are now living in?

  3. Sydney Baxter avatar Sydney Baxter says:

    Crazy! (The clouds, that is!)

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