Cloud Videos

Clouds never stay still. They're in a state of perpetual transition, mutating from one form to another. This ephemeral, ever-changing quality is part of their beauty. If you have time-lapse video of clouds for this page, upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and send us a link.

A Head in the Clouds

Denis Farmer posted this YouTube video from his back garden when he saw a face appearing in the storm clouds over Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. We think his comment half-way through rather sums it up: “Hoooooly Freak!”.
Jurgen Klimpke

The Sun Will Shine Brightly

Sent in by Juergen K. Klimpke, Member No. 22868. Time-lapse recording of the morning sky over Schleiz (Thuringia, Germany). The clouds give a view of the sun. Aeroplanes hurry scurry across the screen and produce aircraft contrails. This pull over before the sun and then finally make space for a blue summer sky. Footage and […]

The Unseen Sea

Here is a fantastic time lapse cloud video by Simon Christen. We are big fans. A collection of time lapses I took around the San Francisco Bay Area roughly shot over the period of one year. Please watch in HD :-) Find more of my work on my website Follow me on my Facebook […]
Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010 – A Time Lapse Edit

This time lapse video by Ian Provo from the summer of 2010 has plenty of fantastic cloud sequences. Of particular interest are the lapping wave effects of some Stratocumulus clouds, which are a great reminder that the atmosphere above us is an ocean of air, which contains waves similar to those in the oceans of […]
London Eye in 2 Mins

The London Eye in two minutes

Cloud Appreciation Society member Mark van der Vord sent in this video of the sunset from the London Eye. The London Eye in two minutes/Inside by Sepalcure from mach v on Vimeo. Mark told us: A week before my birthday, I learnt that I’d won some tickets to The London Eye, courtesy of The Thames […]
Clive Blundell's Die Walküre

A Cloud Opera

Cloudspotter, Clive Blundell, sent us a link to his film, Gods, Mortals and Morals. It depicts Richard Wagner’s opera Die Walküre, but with the characters represented by shapes in the clouds. We think the operatic tale of Norse mythology seems to fit rather well with his images of clouds shaped like gods. What do you […]

Hector Thunderstorm Project

Camera Murray Fredericks Editing Lindi Harrison Original Sound Tommy Shutzinger This time-lapse assembly is part of the Hector Thunderstorm Project being produced in northern Australia. The first exhibition of stills from the project are on exhibition in Melbourne at Arc 1 Gallery from the 24th of May until the 18th of June. Special thanks to […]

Los Angeles Wildfire (Pyrocumulus Clouds)

Timelapse footage of wildfire north of Los Angeles, 08.30.09 Footage by Dan Blank. Music by Brian Eno. Shot on Panasonic HS-300. Actual length: 40 mins. Filmed from Tarzana, CA

Clouds Go By

clouds go by from camerabag on Vimeo.