Ladder to the Clouds

Chuck Metcalfe, Member 61,468, sent us a poem he wrote in November this year and a photograph he took at his camp in Stockton, New York, that inspired it.

Ladder to the Clouds

If I could build a ladder to the clouds, we could climb so high into the sky.
We could frolic and play, and stay all day, just the two of us;
while we jump and bounce from Stratus to Cumulus.
We might sing and dance on Altostratus; or perchance ride the mares’ tails of Cirrus Uncinus .
Amongst the Cirrus we would search freely in, until we find a parhelion; petting that sundog we could do, and maybe see its halo too.
Nimbostratus would not ruin our day, if above the rain we were able to stay.
Even Cumulonimbus with its flashy show would look different from above you know.
We would have our own park without the crowds, if I could build a ladder to the clouds.

© 11/17/2023 Chuck Metcalfe

2 thoughts on “Ladder to the Clouds”

  1. Ruth Quist avatar RUTH QUIST says:

    Chuck, so clever and fun.

    1. Charles Metcalfe avatar Chuck Metcalfe says:

      Thank you kindly, it was fun to write.

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