A Circumhorizon Arc over Colorado, US.

A Cloud-a-Day

Melody Serra, Member 56,638 from New York City, recently sent a poem she wrote about her membership and receiving our Cloud-a-Day emails.  Image:  A Circumhorizon Arc over Colorado, US.   © Keelin

Subject: Cloud-a-Day

On August 29, 2021 I became a cloudspotter
member 56,638 of the Cloud Appreciation Society!
everyday since then, an email with a photo
taken by another member, of the sky, lover of blue
to think that we are all part of the same sun-filled dome
to think that with our creative minds we can build shapes out of
condensed water vapor
it all gives me chills ( the good kind )
close to 600 emails have
brought me closer to
skyscapes, landscapes, and seascapes around the world
have taught me the difference between cirrus, cumulus, stratus,
fluctus, asperitas, noctilucent, lenticular
have taught me that the beams of light that shine through the gaps
in clouds,
like ladders of light reaching down to us, are called
crepuscular rays
maybe i too will see the green flash one day
or the fluffy cumulus clouds reflecting on salt flats in Humahuaca
or the optical effect, stunning color play, pearlescent
called circumhorizon arc
for now i count myself so lucky,
each sky greets me and beckons me
“what cloud do you see?”

© Melody Serra

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