A curtain of precipitation falls from a storm system over Charlo, Montana, US.

From Jan Boles

Jan Boles, Member 13,316, sent us his humorous cloud related limerick.  We have paired it with an image of a curtain of precipitation falling from a storm system over Charlo, Montana, US by Ruth Quist.

A cloud spotter, known as Horatio,
Was keen on words rhyming with “ratio.”
He often would sigh,
Looking up at the sky,
“That’s not ‘rain,’ it’s ‘praecipitatio.’”

© Jan Boles February 2024

One thought on “From Jan Boles”

  1. Ruth Quist avatar RUTH QUIST says:

    Jan, way cute poem and how terrific it got paired with my Charlo photo. Guess we teamed up! Pretty exciting.

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