6 thoughts on “We’ve put up Cloud of the Month for February”

  1. Laurence Green avatar Laurence Green says:

    Here is what Phillippe’s photo conjectured in my mind – the last flying example any where in the world – the magnificent Avro Vulcan reg no XH558 based at Bruntingthorpe, UK:-




    The likeness in uncanny. The Vulcan’s dramatic take offs were spell-binding, to say least!


  2. Sourabh Tiwari avatar Sourabh says:

    Beautiful Pic.White Eagle in sitting posture.

  3. Cale "the hawk-eye" Kalinowski says:

    Right on Luke! When I saw this picture I got such a rush and instantly wanted to run outside and spend the rest of my day cloudwatching. Can’t wait for our next meeting, and am jumping in my seat just thinking about trying it out with some authentic cloudwatching music.

  4. Luke Oxenford says:

    This made my day. As a fellow cloud lover I can really appreciate this lovely photo. Hope I can see a cloud this beautiful when I go cloud watching on the weekend!!

  5. Glynis Garbutt avatar Glynis says:

    As a new member I find this picture absolutely beautiful :}

  6. John Kelly says:

    Love it and the site.

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