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February 2014

February 2014

It is a Bird? Is it a Plane?

No, it’s an Altocumulus lenticularis – in the shape of a bird. Or a plane. Philippe Villette photographed February’s Cloud of the Month at sunset over the Aure Valley in the French Pyrenees. He described his cloud as a bird coming in to land. Others have have suggested it is more like a jet aircraft. No one has yet claimed this classic example of the lenticularis cloud species looks like Superman.

Photograph © Philippe Villette.

  • Jack

    February 3, 2014at3:53 pm


  • Victoria Fawcett-Adams avatar

    Vicki Fawcett-Adams

    February 3, 2014at6:14 pm

    Dove of Peace!

  • Kathryn Cavanagh avatar


    February 7, 2014at8:57 am

    In my humble opinion it is very definitely a bird, it even has it’s feet down ready to make a nice soft landing.

  • Philippe Villette avatar


    February 13, 2014at11:52 am
  • Kathleen Davidoff avatar


    February 17, 2014at2:22 pm

    THAT is a “WOW” cloud!!!

  • Math Gossens

    February 17, 2014at6:35 pm

    impressive photo…

  • Linda Stone avatar


    February 25, 2014at11:32 pm

    Or is it a Phoenix rising…like every cloud…awesome and in flight!

  • Tsao

    March 23, 2014at2:25 am

    it is so spectacular,really like a species of birds!

  • Simon Tshibangu Punga - Bilsen avatar

    Simon Tshibangu

    July 22, 2015at8:07 pm

    Cool,i dont see this cloud ever before!

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