Cloudy day on the horizon

Learn all about clouds at a special weather day

Learn all about clouds at a special
weather day

Update, August 22: this event has been cancelled.

Do you sometimes confuse your cirrus with your altostratus? Are you a bit hazy about how storm systems form? Would you like to know how to do your own forecasts?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps you ought to sign up for a special one-day weather course dedicated to clouds run by the Weather Shop near Eastbourne.

Their Clouds Weather Day on September 6 will look at what the clouds and their movement, height, development and dispersal tell us about what is going on above our heads and often what is likely to happen on the ground.

The day will look at all types of clouds, from the innocuous small white puffy cumulus to the grand-daddy of the sky, the cumulonimbus, and explores the ‘how and why’ of their formation.

It will also look at the bigger picture, to examine the role they play across the globe in the development of both storm systems and larger weather systems, especially those that affect the British Isles.

You can find out more by visiting the Weather Shop website.

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