Stormcrow - Del Palmer


Stormcrow - Del Palmer
Del composed this piece after watching the crows fleeing before the mother of all storms which
passed over her in Berkshire, UK.
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11 thoughts on “Stormcrow”

  1. i am having the same problem as everyone else i can not enter

  2. ColinB says:

    Nice, nifty and evocative piece!

  3. Lovely Mood…..String samples so lush and rich…Its calmed me on a shitty day.Nice work Del.

  4. Laura C says:

    Beautiful piece of music to dream above the clouds…

  5. Antonello says:

    Your composition perfectly captures the essence of the changing weather, Del. Thank you for sharing it with us…

  6. Rod says:

    I listened to a few of the songs,some are very good, but I came back to Stormcrow because it captures movement and change better than the others. It’s very good.

  7. Del Palmer says:

    Ah!.. Thank you Gavin… Cloudbusters rule OK!!…

  8. Izzy says:

    That’s a very enjoyable piece of music. I love it. So positive and dynamic. And a nice site here! :)

  9. Gavin Pretor-Pinney avatar Gavin says:

    Sorry, Del. The system wasn’t recognising the .m4a file type that you sent in. We have converted it to an .mp3 file and it should play OK now.

  10. Del Palmer says:

    This will not play!!…. Why??….

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