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Lovely sun-kissed clouds bookending the day! Pinks and purples, golden, molten hues. The colors and formations are truly amazing. I seldom see Lenticularis in my area and had to pull off the road to properly celebrate their rare arrival. Late Afternoon Lennies PS: Loved your Arcus formation over Missouri River on the Gallery, Ruth. Hope […]

Lenticularis over Canyon View Mobile Home Park, United States

In Needs Shade I see – as Keelin does-  an iridescent growling dog, Ruth. Great capture. And lovely 22 degrees halo and sundog. And yes, it is seeing us Keelin. Nice colorful halo and corona behind the contrasting trees.  I love also your former lenticular touch of iridescence. Here is another dog – and not […]

Keelin, wonderful lenticulars and iridescence you captured.  Just that splash of light makes it interesting. More Spooky Moon

Mother-of-pearl formations spotted over Iceland are the Cloud of the Month for February. Welcome to the high-altitude world of nacreous clouds…

I would not say so due to the fact that they just do not seem to be rounded enough to be lenticularis. I would say they are just a decently thick version of stratocumuls, some of whose shapes have turned into a lens shape. Thanks for sharing! –G

Both great smooth lenticular clouds Ruth and Michael. Big Cloud  

Great iridescence and you captured it well in my opinion, Ramona. The lenticular shape is there indeed. It might be a borderline case but I’d give it the benefit of the doubt and say yes to lenticularis. One of the nice things about clouds is that they not always behave and look like we think […]

I love finding colors in the sky!  As I was watching these clouds move past the sun and go through their delightful array of colors, they began to look lenticular-ish.  I am not enough of an expert to know if they were sharp enough to fall into that classification or not, though?  It was a […]

Thank you hygge! That shot was one taken on a chance…a lot of things were less than opportune , but I took the chance that there was enough there for me to work with. Took me around 5 minutes to process the shot that you see. I ought to take more chances. Maybe its a […]

A pair of sleepy-eyed lenticularis over Mono lake, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada range, California, US.

Those long lashes look set for dream mode, Hans, where visions like the Michael’s lovely lenticular clouds may drift by and morph into, well, just about anything. Something Always Emerges