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The recent lenticularis on the gallery is great, Ruth. And yes, Surprises Await Us. That is a beautiful delicate cloudscape, Keelin. Michael, your last one #1303 is literally mouth watering. Hurray!

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That’s great to read about Andrew. I happen to live in the Netherlands and even nearby the church Ruisdael painted with his famous Dutch mountains. I am not an expert on meteorology but  we do have a lot of clouds. I must say we also have sometimes boring blue skies (very recently) when we are […]

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Michael, there they are.  Lenticulars are one of my favorites.  Asking once again your thoughts on a Pileus.  I am seeing some interesting clouds when I least expect them.  Exciting though for me to look at clouds with a better eye for picking out formations, etc. Want To Be

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Lovely sun-kissed clouds bookending the day! Pinks and purples, golden, molten hues. The colors and formations are truly amazing. I seldom see Lenticularis in my area and had to pull off the road to properly celebrate their rare arrival. Late Afternoon Lennies PS: Loved your Arcus formation over Missouri River on the Gallery, Ruth. Hope […]

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In Needs Shade I see – as Keelin does-  an iridescent growling dog, Ruth. Great capture. And lovely 22 degrees halo and sundog. And yes, it is seeing us Keelin. Nice colorful halo and corona behind the contrasting trees.  I love also your former lenticular touch of iridescence. Here is another dog – and not […]