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Mount Rainier, An Eruption?

Fleur Flowers, Member 54,145, sent this article from showing Mount Rainier appearing to erupt.  However, it was quick to reassure readers that all was well as the formation seen atop the volcano was actually a lenticular cloud created by moist air pushing over the top of the mountain. You can read the full article […]


Altocumulus lenticularis clouds form downwind of the San Francisco Peaks, this happens when the airstream contains layers of moist air separated by drier air, that results in a stacked formation resembling a stack of dishes, view is from meadow near Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, May 28, 2022, Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, Arizona

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Wendy, you can be certail about this one being a lenticularis. The only thing I am not certain about is whether it is a altocumulus or a cirrocumulus. Certainly not altostratus btw. I prefer to think it is cirrocumulus but I am not sure. Great to spot this one travelling by train. Hans  


Hi Can someone please help with Identifying this cloud?  It was spotted over South East London whilst travelling on a Train so I didn’t get chance to watch it develop or dissipate.  Not sure if it is a Lenticularis?  Or breaking up Altostratus? Thank you Wendy

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The recent lenticularis on the gallery is great, Ruth. And yes, Surprises Await Us. That is a beautiful delicate cloudscape, Keelin. Michael, your last one #1303 is literally mouth watering. Hurray!

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That’s great to read about Andrew. I happen to live in the Netherlands and even nearby the church Ruisdael painted with his famous Dutch mountains. I am not an expert on meteorology but  we do have a lot of clouds. I must say we also have sometimes boring blue skies (very recently) when we are […]

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Michael, there they are.  Lenticulars are one of my favorites.  Asking once again your thoughts on a Pileus.  I am seeing some interesting clouds when I least expect them.  Exciting though for me to look at clouds with a better eye for picking out formations, etc. Want To Be