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Over Hampstead, London

© Kay Gallwey October 2018

Over Hampstead, London

Cloud enthusiast Kay Gallwey, asks if anyone noticed the sky over Hampstead, London NW3 on the evening of Sunday, 7th October at 18.23?

She told us, “there was a wonderful sky with black coming up from the back, not clouds but like strokes of paint going across the sky then there was a pink rainbow in an arch and in front were three or four dashes of small short black clouds, it was like nothing I have seen before, there were airplanes in the sky leaving their trail but this pale pink, which began to fade before I could rush in to get my camera, was wide as a rainbow and as beautiful”.

Although Kay was unable to get her camera in time, she did this quick monotype of what she saw.

Did anyone else see it or take a photo?

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  • Hans Stocker avatar

    Hans Stocker

    October 12, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    Fantastic Kay!

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