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Our New, Improved Photo Gallery

The Cloud Appreciation Society Photo Gallery
Larger images, faster, easier to search...

Our New, Improved Photo Gallery

If you’ve taken a look at the society’s cloud photo gallery recently, you might have noticed that it has changed. We’ve been working feverishly in the background to update the gallery system and introduce some improvements that we hope you will appreciate. Inevitably, there will be teething problems as the new system beds in, but these are the reasons why we think that the new system is an improvement on the old:

The Cloud Appreciation Society Photo Gallery

Larger images, faster, easier to search...

• The new page width matches the rest of the site. This means we can now show images larger than before. Please note, however, that the images loaded up at the size to fit the old system now look rather titchy but we are hoping to up-size many of the old images over time.

• We have streamlined the system so that the 7,500 or so pictures on our gallery load more quickly.

• It is now much easier to search for specific cloud types. When you click on the Find a Cloud tab at the top of the page, you can select cloud classification terms in the sidebar. By clicking on these tabs, you can narrow your search to very specific types of cloud formation. If you want to unselect a tab, just click it again.

• You can now click on a photographer’s name and see all the images that they’ve got on the gallery.

• When you hover your mouse over an image, forward and back arrows appear at either side. Click these to advance through the found set of images.

• When you click the View Slideshow button at the top of the page, the slideshow plays using the set of photographs that you’ve just found. In this way, you can view a slideshow of photographs from a particular photographer or of a specific type of cloud.

• You can now rate a picture and leave a comment about it by clicking in the middle of the image. This shows it in detail view. (Being able to easily go back from this detail view to where you were is something we are still working on!) In future, we plan to introduce a way of finding the most popular images.

We have tried hard to come up with a system works both for those who want to be able to search for very specific cloud types and those who just want to see pretty pictures of the sky. Thanks to all our fantastic members and visitors who have contributed their photographs, we have what must be the most extensive gallery of cloud photographs in the world. We’d love to hear what you think of the new way of viewing them.


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