Cloud of the Month for November 2012

November 2012

A Busy Lenticularis Sky over Chile

Lenticularis clouds dominate the cloudscape over the Torres del Paine mountains, Chile, in November’s Cloud of the Month. This type of cloud can often look rather like a flying saucer. This is particularly the case when you see a lenticularis cloud on its own, surrounded by blue sky. Lenticularis is caused by the wind taking on a wave-like path as it rises to pass over a mountain peak. Over a whole mountain range, many lenticularis clouds can form in the sky at the same time. As each merges with its neighbours, a dramatic cloudscape of interconnected discs and lozenges can appear like this beautiful example captured by Jacob Krynauw over Chile.

© Photograph Jacob Krynauw.

10 thoughts on “November 2012”

  1. Eve Hart says:

    Loving these clouds guys dey is my fave!!!!

  2. Diane Oldham avatar Diane says:

    Wow. What a photo

  3. Warren Rowe avatar wq1c2012 says:

    Absolutely amazing! I am so glad I joined the Society!

  4. Grand,Spectacular and dramatic!

    I want to join the society!

  5. Kerry says:

    What an incredible picture!

  6. Henrik Kolden says:

    Beautiful! Looks like a condor crossing the Andes!

  7. Hannah Bailey avatar Hannah says:

    Cloud Members Unite!!! Fluffy Cloud Lovers Everywhere Make Us Proud! :)

  8. Fred McDonald says:

    I totally apprciate clouds now! :D

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