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From Tim Percivial

From Tim Percivial

Oh Wonderful Clouds.

I look up into the sky,
And see the cirrus clouds so high,
The cumulus clouds making many shapes,
Such as dragons, lions and apes,
I also see the fog, like a bedsheet,
And the altostratus floating at 10,000 feet,
To me cloud spotting is a fantastic game,
Until a cumulonimbus brings the rain.

My cloud spotting is not spoilt by rain,
When I travel abroad in an aeroplane,
I look out of my window and stare,
At the clouds drifting calmly through the air,
We are above the nimbostratus thats below,
Bringing bad weather over heathrow,
I was well and truly wowed,
To see the wonderful, oh wonderful clouds.

© Tim Percivial. 2009.

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