From Mesha Banerjee

Am I Cirrus.

Am I Cirrus

Spiralled and curly

Like fingers scratching above

Am I cumulus

Classic and flossed

Adding colour to the bright blue sky

Am I stratus

Covering, enveloping

Cotton wadding the heavens

As I mutate and change with the wind

Giving light and darkness to days

Whitening and lightening

Or soaking in gray

Am I nimbus

Angry and broad




Am I Cirrus.

© Mesha Banerjee. 2009.

2 thoughts on “From Mesha Banerjee”

  1. Mesha Banerjee avatar Seamonkey Cloudboy says:

    I breathe in
    I breathe out
    I lift up
    I lift down
    I push out
    I push in
    I am alive
    I am happy

  2. push open te eyeport, standing at the screen overlooking the distant construction of drains and Wish Primary School, silent, nor rationale behind from the Koto.
    Caressing breeze through the window Zhao Xin, elegant and beautiful frizzy hair. She stands like a new statue. I do not recognize how long, Jiangdong broke the quiet from. And shouts: Xin. He said only 1 word, unable to pronounce any kind of sound. Zhao Xin shoulder negligible move, she sensed Jiangdong from returning towards call.

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