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From David Franks

From David Franks

Newcastle upon Tyne. U.K.


From a council-flat in Bury,
Through a wide window, I see –
Landing on neighboring tiles –
Some starlings, pied wagtails,
The hop of magpie and sparrow;
And hear geese bark as they go.

A fancier’s pigeons circle,
While a white flock of gull
Play the wind in a dark grey sky –
The contrast catching my eye;
As does the arc of a rainbow –
With sun and rain toe-to-toe.

Quiet thought turns to Constables,
As the wide-glass enables
Broad views of strong cumulus sky –
Changing shape as time goes by;
And – with moors, too, in the background –
It’s nice to briefly lounge round.

© David Franks/WalkaboutsVerse 2003.

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