From Shakira Dyer


The ephemeral beings that roam our skies for all of us
If only we try to classify. Here lies the spirit of man, the namer, the tamer of these nondescript things
That play their games up there as we do down below
Air or football, makes no matter
That grow as we grow, from humble cumulus to thunder cloud powerhouse
As we grow High Street shops and garden agriculture
They have their own diverse culture as we do.
They sometimes are said to get angry.
But they are also peaceful and playful, like altocumulus
They keep the weather of our world running.

Not everyone understands them.
People jump to conclusions and dislike them.
People can ignore them.
But some people don’t.
Some people like Luke Howard, can classify.
And some people like me, can try to write a really awkward analogy of clouds with social change…

Please listen.
And keep looking up!

© Shakira Dyer

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