From Jaycee MacNaughton

Cloud No. 9

Through the shapes in the clouds
I see you sleeping
As your eye lids flicker
You must be dreaming.
The stars that surround you
Covers like a blanket
The soft shine of the moon
Dimly lightens your room.
The sharp air in the breeze
Cuts butter like a knife
But I stand there looking
Admiring life
So much to see
In so little time
As I watch you sleeping
On cloud No9
Your hair draped gently over
Your soft white cloud
You sleep so peacefully
I feel so proud.
Your soft white pillow
Under your weary head
You look so life like
On that cloud as your bed.
I see you, on cloud No9,
I see you, smiling all the time, on cloud No9.

© Jaycee MacNaughton

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