From Jackie S Brooks


Constantly changing shape,
lovely cumulus clouds
A fluffy and white skyscape
tinged with grey, and sometimes pink,
All foaming and frothing
like the suds in a sink.

A gallery of soft sculpture
forms up at great height,
And the watcher for sure
who has an imaginative eye,
Will be delightfully rewarded
With such sights to espy.

Sea Otters basking
on a sea of white foam,
Bottle nosed dolphins
happy and free, swimming home,
Riding the bow waves
of ghostly Galleons that roam.

A towering castle
overlooking wide streams,
A fair maid and her vassal
talking over their dreams,
A Knight on his war-horse
in armour that gleams.

A dragon up yonder
who abandoned the deep?
The Loch Ness sea monster
prefers now to keep
Well away from dark waters
and on soft clouds to sleep.

An old man is racing
to capture his hat,
A fat piglet is chasing
two dogs and a cat,
A graceful swan glides
with her brood on her back.

An elephant baby
his tiny trunk outstretched,
I wonder if maybe
you think it’s far-fetched?
Look up to the sky
Where God’s finger has sketched.

© Jackie S Brooks

One thought on “From Jackie S Brooks”

  1. tracy says:

    lovely poem so apt about my dad who sadly died on 28th the day you posted it.

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