Jurgen Klimpke

The Sun Will Shine Brightly

Sent in by Juergen K. Klimpke, Member No. 22868.

Time-lapse recording of the morning sky over Schleiz (Thuringia, Germany). The clouds give a view of the sun. Aeroplanes hurry scurry across the screen and produce aircraft contrails. This pull over before the sun and then finally make space for a blue summer sky.
Footage and music by Juergen K. Klimpke.
Shot on Canon EOS D300.

5 thoughts on “The Sun Will Shine Brightly”

  1. Richard Jones avatar MR PLEASANT says:

    A dramatic video of the morning sky with a matching soundtrack !

  2. Derek Crawley avatar Derek Crawley says:

    Looking at the list showing members by country and the accompanying map every effort should be made to encourage Greenland cloud appreciators to join!!!!!!!

  3. Cheryl Darlene Ricotta avatar darlene ricotta says:

    That was wonderful.

  4. UG says:

    I like your Moon-Film (watchted two times!)

  5. WOW,what a magnificent way to wake up this a.m. & find this web site. Absolutely breathtaking.

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