From Indrani Ananda


Have you seen the forecast map for Summer on the way?
It’s “wall-to-wall”, it’s “plenty”, and stronger by the day;
A field-day for the ‘lobsters’ as the UV bakes them pink;
It’s what they want beside the sea – skin cancer? They don’t think!

If we’re not promised any sun, whatever shall we do?
As if our lives depend on it – a cloudy day’s taboo;
By hook or crook it’s got to shine, whatever time of day;
The weathermen are forced to grin and say “It’s on the way!’

It’s seen as quite unfortunate if somewhere’s “plagued by clouds”;
It’s even more a tragedy when rain soaks seaside crowds;
There’ll be the odd tornado strike, a lightning flash or two;
But tell us what we want to hear :- “There’ll be a bit of blue!”

As long as sun shines where we live, that’s all we need to ask;
There may be blizzards in the north, whilst south coast cities bask.
“Good news – a heatwave’s coming soon, high pressure builds again!”
The Metmen burst with glee and dance as farmers pray for rain!

All right for those on holiday, or you lot on the beach,
But I’m at work and can’t go out – my freedom’s out of reach.
Does everyone like suntan cream and lying in the sun?
Some want it dull all afternoon to get their housework done.

The Metmen say “unlucky” parts will get a cloudy spell,
But sunshine means that barbecues will stink us out as well;
They say the haze will soon “burn back” – whatever this construes;
So get out there and relish it, forgo what else you’d choose.

No clouds, there’d be no mottled fields, nor sunsets tinged with flame;
But just the bland unchanging blue, and every day the same.
So spare a thought, you weathermen, some like it cloudy too …….
I dread a future where you’ll throw a switch to turn skies blue!

© Indrani Ananda

3 thoughts on “From Indrani Ananda”

  1. Shakira says:

    I also dread a future when they throw a switch to turn skies blue. Clouds don’t only create pictures in the sky, without them there would be no rain, fog, snow – don’t they want that for Christmas?? – or precipitation of any kind! Also the weather would be hotter because clouds trap in heat from the Sun out in space – basically, clouds shape life on Earth and without these wonderful bits of water vapour life would be extremely different. Clouds are not something for us people to control or want to control, they should be free! Well done for your poem, I might try and write one of my own!

  2. Jacqueline Selby Brooks avatar JackieSBrooks says:

    Blue skies are nice but clouds give the sky character, I love to watch them changing shape and creating pictures. Give me a Cloudscape any day!

  3. Katbalu says:

    I lived in the South and just about everyday was a sunny day. Yes, it does get boring. I remember wishing for cloudy days back then and still do to this day!

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