From David Lindsley

Bournemouth U.K.


A cloud is a thing of beauty
A wonder to behold
It brings to all a sense of joy
As its many facets unfold

Its moods can be solemn and angry
Or welcoming and bright
Such are the changes we can see
From morning until night

Cumulus,Cirrus and Stratus are names we use
To describe them one from another
But earthly objects can be seen that infuse
A desire to capture them for ever

Sunrise and sunset can heighten the effect
Of clouds that pass above
And we can hold our heads erect
To marvel at colours we love

But most of all, mood reigns supreme
As clouds evolve and change
Reflected in our lives it would seem
Not something we can arrange

And so it is that we admire
Their beauty and their power
Of which spectrum we do not tire
Nor count the day or hour.

© David Lindsley. 2008.

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