Cloud of the Month for February 2013

February 2013

A Squall Line over the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Cloud of the Month for February is Basil Stathoulis’s photograph of dramatic thunderstorms lined up across the vast expanse of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. When Cumulonimbus clouds become aligned like this, they are known as a ‘squall line’. It is a weather formation that can persist for many hours, producing fierce winds, hail, and even tornados. At the leading edge of the weather system, strong updrafts of air develop into new storm cells, starting as large Cumulus clouds before maturing into the Cumulonimbus storm clouds. These squall lines can stretch hundreds of miles, as they sweep across the terrain.

Photograph © Basil Stathoulis.

8 thoughts on “February 2013”

  1. Jan ten Sijthoff avatar Jan ten Sythoff says:

    Hope to see more often b&w pictures

  2. Mrs. Bradbury says:

    Has there been a Cloud of the Month for March or has this been discontinued?

  3. elsa dengra garcia says:

    Pillar a una nube in fraganti, genial!

  4. Pauline Warman avatar Pauline Warman says:

    Brilliant photo – especially like the b&w

  5. Warren Rowe avatar Warren Rowe says:

    The black and white makes this picture ever more stunningly beautiful. Excellent work.

  6. Leslie Davis avatar Leslie Davis says:

    I too, love the drama of “black and white”. It is a glorious photograph.

  7. Shaun Coxall avatar Shaun Coxall says:

    Love it in Black and White. More perspective to a stunning subject matter.

  8. Good to see a black and white image on CAS. In these days of digital colour cameras,we tend to forget what a dramatic impact a black and white photograph can have. The view point seems to be quite high up, a the trees look small and at a slight angle BUT the landscape iss flat. I’m iitrigued – was this picture taken from a nearby mountain of from an aircraft flying at about ? 200 feet? GWW

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