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Fancy New Enamel Badges Now Available for Members

Enamel Membership BadgeHave you ever felt the need for a more substantial badge than the one you received when you became a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society? Ever felt the need for one that is a little more fancy, a little more showy to tell others of your membership to this most ethereal of societies? Then you will be pleased to hear that we are now selling beautiful new Enamel Member Badges in our Cloud Shop. New members will still get the standard badges when they join but, in due course, we will add an option for them to buy one of these fancy badges at the same time.

See our new Cloud Appreciation Society Enamel Membership Badge here…

6 thoughts on “Fancy New Enamel Badges Now Available for Members”

  1. John, Apologies about the confusions here. We are out of stock of the enamel badges at the moment. New ones should be here within a week’s time (ie before around 22 October). If you want to log in to the shop to make a purchase, and you have never done so before, it is best to just log in as a new customer and enter your delivery details, ignoring the fact that you are already a CAS Member. We will be emailing all existing members with details over the next month or so so that they can log in as CAS Members but, in the meantime, the membership database and the shop customer accounts are separate. Thanks for your patience!

  2. JOHN WATTS - MEMBER - 16272 says:

    I am unable to purchase the new enamel member`s badge from your website. In the hope that it might work I tried to log in (which I have never done before) only to be informed that no-one was registered at my email address and yet I receive your emails?

  3. Alejandro Chanes avatar Alejandro says:

    I have just received my enamel badge and it’s been proudly set on my backpack telling the others about my membership. A great talk-starter.

  4. simon belcher avatar simon says:

    the badge is huge for a enamelled one and very well made and Im very proud to wear it around the place.recommended as cloth badges are nice but only really last as long as the item you sew them onto.

  5. Lynda Banks avatar lynda says:

    a must have for all members. very well made, a good size and good value, not a tiddie thing like some you see, you can read what it says. well done all who had a hand in making this great badge.

  6. Jill D Mabbott avatar . Granny Weatherwitch, ex- U.K. Met. Office says:

    Enamel badges – Great Idea! BUT GWW still has problems getting through the automated system for ordering & paying for CAS things online. Last time I tried a POSTCODE was requested and I haven’t got one as we don’t have them in The Republic of Ireland. I haven’t been able to buy CAS calendars for the past few years as a result, and I really wanted to. I have certificates in computing technology, so I’m not befuddled in my advancing years(!!!) I just can’t get through a system devised by an obviously MALE software engineer (men can only think in straight lines, multi-tasking is a female talent!) SO, if you amend the system, more members can buy things – over to you Gavin, Ian et al. (& don’t email me back and as who ‘Al’ is :-) ) GWW

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