The Weather Observer's Handbook

A New Book for Weather Observers

The Weather Observer's HandbookWe are very pleased to announce that ‘The Weather Observer’s Handbook’ by Stephen Burt is published today. The handbook provides a comprehensive, practical and independent guide to all aspects of making weather observations. It is ideal for both amateur observers looking for help in choosing their first weather instruments on a tight budget and for professional observers looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date guide.

Stephen Burt has been a long-time member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and has been generous enough to help us with meteorological advice for several of our own books. His is a comprehensive and rigororous guide to weather observing, that also happens to be an entertaining read, and will make a great addition to any cloudspotter’s bookshelf.

If you would like to buy a copy, you can do so from the bookseller links below. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from Cambridge University Press at a 20% discount: In the UK, download the 20% discount flyer and post it with a cheque; in the US, vist and enter the discount code: E2BURT.

UK booksellers:

US booksellers:

Australia and New Zealand (publication date September 2012):

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2 thoughts on “A New Book for Weather Observers”

  1. María Marín avatar María says:

    Espero que pronto esté en mi lengua.
    Si es así, seré de las primeras en hacerme con un ejemplar.
    Muy interesante

  2. Looks to be a superb book, will send more cOmments when I get my hands on one. The cover Photo certainly brought back memories of my Met. Observer training days – trying to clean frost and ice from the glass globe of a Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder. I trained during the winter of 1961/62 – the coldesst since sometime in the 1700’s I believe. GWW

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